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Monday, May 19, 2008

Where's the NBA talk?

I'm really surprised nobody has really posted anything about the playoffs. This is probably the best post season in recent memory. The only thing that could ruin it would be a San Antonio-Detroit Finals. No matter which team wins in New Orleans tonight, I'm really looking forward to the East and West Finals. If yesterday's game between Lebron and Pierce (was anyone else playing?) is a portent for tonight's game and the final series, I'm pretty pumped.

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You beat me to it, Deuce.

The playoffs this year have been remarkable, and remarkably entertaining.

A few thoughts:

-Chris Paul is my favorite player. Seeing New Orleans was never on TV this year--despite being one of the three best teams in the West all season--so I haven't really had a chance to watch him. But he is seriously breathtaking to watch; every time he gets the ball in his hands, you feel like something spectacular is going to happen. I honestly have not been this excited to watch a player play since I first started watching Jordan. He's that good (albeit in a different way). I'm one of 3 or 4 non-Spurs haters outside of San Antonio, but I really hope New Orleans wins (which I think they will--I've got $0.10 riding on it at CentSports). A New Orleans/Los Angeles final will be more basketball fun than I can imagine.

-Yesterday's Celts/Cavs game is exactly what you hope for in a Game 7, particularly if you don't have strong rooting interests either way. It was the kind of game David Stern dreams about--marquee player against marquee team, duking it out until the last minute.

-On the flip side of that, someone needs to check Ray Allen's pulse.

-As for the Pistons/Celtics, it should be a great series as well. I think that the Celtics will win, mainly because of home court. However, as someone said to me the other day, "if any team can go into Boston and steal a game, it's the Goddamned Pistons." I agree with that sentiment. I also worry about the fact that the Pistons have been doing this together for the last 4 years or whatever it's been. But if Doc Rivers can figure out a way to get his Big 3 to play big at the same time, I just don't see a team that can roll with the Celtics.

All in all, this has been a fantastic playoff run for the NBA. Between last year and this year, I just don't see how more people don't take a stronger interest. The league is the best it has been in probably 15 years. If we somehow see a Lakers/Hornets vs. Celtics Finals, it will be just a perfect ending to a great season.

With that, I see Kobe having a Jordan-esque ending to the season, with the Lakers beating the Celtics in 7 games. Kobe just has that killer streak where he would go into a bee's nest that would be Boston and drop 42, along with a game-winner. It just feels like it's his year.
Beings that I can't start a post I have been waiting for someone to mention the NBA playoffs.

I love the NBA. I have been watching it every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday since the start of the season and it's been a rollercoster ride of fun.

I think the theme of the playoffs and really the entire season is a changing of the guard. Young players are coming up and the veterans are clinging to their greatness.

Take a look at the opening round Celts/Hawks. No one gave the Hawks a shot at this, but they have some awesome young players like Al Horford, Josh Smith, Acie Law and Josh Childress (who may be the ugliest man on earth), but they also have some savy veteran experience in Mike Bibby and Joe Johnson. They played tough and really brought some excitement to the first round. To be honest I could have cared less about the East, I figured the Celts were a shoe in, but this series really attracted me to the East.

Which led me to discover the Magic, who are another totally fun team to watch. I was sad to see them fall to a depleted Detroit, but watch out because I think these two teams are the next in line to rule the east. Pending LeBron never gets any help in Cleveland, because if he gets another scoring forward and a real point guard (not that West hasn't played well, but I am talking like a natural passing point guard a la Steve Nash), watch out.

This leads me to the West where the always underated Hornets have been the most entertaining. I was sad to see the Suns go out, but Chris Paul and David West have been outstanding and Tyson Chandler should just pay the both of them half his salary cause he was nothing without them. If they can beat the Spurs (who are a bunch of cheaters in my opinion) I will be elated. The thought of Paul/West vs. Bryant/Gasol is awesome, and I dispise the Lakers. All of them except Lamar Odom that is, who is totally awesome and a constant performer. If Cleveland could land this guy....I can't even imagine how good they would be.

The Rockets got me excited during the season and I really thought they had a chance against Utah, but it just wasn't meant to be, and the Lakers were going to whip either team so it didn't really matter.

I am hoping for a Hornets/Celtics final because I think that would be the capper on a season of change. The veteran big three (KG/Pierce/Allen, pending he remebers he plays pro basketball) against the new big three (Paul/West/Chandler). It would be super entertaining.

I love veterans just as much as the next guy, but the young players really caught my eye this year and I think the NBA is in for a long run of highly entertaining seasons. The teams, especially in the west, are even and it's anybodies game. Almost everyteam that missed the playoffs could make a few small changes and be real competitors. It will be great, I am telling you, get on board now.

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