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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Chicago Bulls Announce Their New Head Coach!

After much speculation and anticipation, the Chicago Bulls hire....

Vinny Del Negro??????

Is this a joke? The Bulls have one of the youngest teams in the NBA, and that is about to get younger with their upcoming #1 pick in the draft. So what does John Paxson do?

Hire a coach with--literally--no coaching experience. Literally. None. He's the Suns Assistant GM right now. He was a VP of Player Development. Before that: TV announcer.

So this should go really well, in other words.

The only thing in the Tribune's article that even caught anything remotely approaching "interest" was the following paragraph:

Del Negro was born in the birthplace of basketball, Springfield, Mass. His father, Vince, played basketball at Kentucky for the legendary Adolph Rupp.

Sweet. I guess it fits two of the things that are listed in the "Job Requirements" section of the Monster.com job posting for being a head coach in the NBA:

1. Father must have played for a historically great college program.
2. Must be born in Springfield, Mass.

When you look at it that way, I guess the pool of people to pick for a head coaching spot probably is pretty small. Great hire, Johnny!


On a totally unrelated note, the new Apple iPhone is out. It looks incredibly sweet, and is now only $199. And they're going to put out an all-white version, which will be even more badass.

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It's not out until July 11
The only thing the Bulls coach needs to do this season is make sure they pick Beasley.
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