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Friday, June 20, 2008

Don't feel so bad Cub fans

Your recent sweep at the hands of Tampa Bay does not put you in exclusive company. Tampa Bay has successfully swept 3 teams this year that are currently in 1st place -- Cubs, Red Sox and Angels. They also took 3 out of 4 from the white sox a few weeks ago. Pretty impressive for a team that most people could probably not name 3 players.

Oh, and giddy'up for round 1 of the crosstown showdown. May Chicago's best prevail.

the rays are no joke. hopefully the twins can keep up w the sox, both teams are hot. the sox are better on paper but the twins are playing better than they should.

pete via the treo (c) pete
This has a little to do with this series. I was watching the Cubs/Sox this afternoon and it was tight, 3-3 in the ninth. I had been flipping back and forth between it and the Croatia/Turkey soccer game (there is very little on in the afternoon, plus I have a friend from Turkey).

It was 0-0 throughout the whole game when Croatia finally scored with about 2 minutes left (which is nothing in soccer) in the overtime. The announcers had anointed the victor when out of nowhere Turkey puts one in the back of the net with literally 10 seconds to go.

Meanwhile, in Cubland it's the bottom of the ninth and on the SECOND PITCH, Ramirez hit's the walk off. CUBS WIN! Wow, it's been an exciting 10 minutes on television.

Back to soccer. It's a shoot out and on the first kick, Croatia misses the first kick, the pressure is on. Turkey and Croatia trade a few goals and it stands at 3-2, Croatia to kick with the game on the line. He lets it fly and the Turkish goaltender, who minutes ago was thrown under the bus by the announcers, puts up a huge stop and TURKEY WINS. Unreal. Exciting.

The Forgotten Hales
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Jesus, I hope that you don't have to return the product sample.

Anyway, a great weekend for the Cubbies! Napa, I'll be in town for the virtual instant rematch next Saturday.

And in the spirit of your post, I wouldn't feel bad about this sweep. The Cubs are unbelievable at home this year. It is insane how well they've played there so far.
What is the product? I'm scared to look at work.
Yeah, unless "penis enlarger rings" is an important cog to your company's money-making machine, I'd go ahead and skip looking at it.

Thankfully, there were no NSFW pictures on the site, but still...
By the way, Forgotten Hales: soccer is not allowed on this site. Like, ever.
Understood, but excitement is excitement nonetheless.
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