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Friday, June 13, 2008

I Thought We Were Supposed To Be Excited About LSU Fans Coming To Town?

Right? Don't Omaha people talk about how much fun it is when LSU makes the CWS?

I suppose it is, and we probably shouldn't lump the entire fanbase together--as you shouldn't with anything--but this seems pretty f'n crazy:

Now, I believe this is in reference to UCI's coach saying something along the lines that some of their fans "haven't figured out the Civil War is over yet." But still.

The scariest thing: the guy in the top left corner standing and applauding. Yikes.

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i feel it my duty to weigh in both on how much i miss going out in those downtown, stadium side, and midtown omaha bars during and leading up to the cws for the rauccous energy that erupts in the big O this time of year. i feel that after having lived in SEC territory for nearly a year and a half now that i should let you in on a little secret about LSU fans. lsu fans are to the sec what cu fans are to the big 12. additionally, no, many people down here simply didn't get the same message that the north did 143 years ago.

that said, let's play ball!
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