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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Sioux Scout Camp

Our hopes and prayers go out to the families and friends of the children and administrators that were at the Little Sioux Scout Camp.

GA Hill EDIT: Creighton Medical Center said that 4 Scouts were taken to CMC, and thankfully they are all stable and doing well. There are also apparently 40 or so Scouts at an Alegent-run hospital in Sioux City. So it sounds that as of now, the total of fatalities remains at four.

SECOND EDIT: Missouri Valley Alegent Health admitted 11 Scouts, 3 were flighted to Omaha, and the other 8 sustained rather minor injuries (from the way this spokesman is speaking). More (relatively) good news.

Last reported is that 4 have died, let's hope that is all.
Indeed. How incredibly sad.

I mentioned this to Mrs. Hill, but why does it always seem like these things happen like this? Meaning: why does a leadership camp for flipping Boy Scouts get hit like this?

You never hear "Extensive Network of Meth Labs Destroyed by Tornado."

Just terrible. I hope all the other kids are going to be OK, as Hales said.
This is a terrible situation. I can't remember a time when the weather has been this bad in Nebraska. A constant barrage of storms, flooding and it seems like a town in Iowa/Nebraska is reduced to rubble every night. Truly an unbelievable time.

The forgotten Hales
They just released the names. Just awful times, all around.

This year has been a constant reminder of the awesome power of nature and how even with all of our technology and engineering we are still vulnerable to its whims. Not like we should need a reminder after Katrina or the tsunamis any of the other countless natural disasters, but this really hits close to home.
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