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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NBA Finals: You got Rondo'd, son!

Quick discussion point: has there EVER been a more fun blowout to watch than the pounding the Celtics put on the Lakers last night? That game was an absolute blast to watch the entire way through. It felt like a college game! And the Gatorade bath for Doc Rivers???? Fantastic. Weird, but fantastic. The way that the Celtics bench/sideline was about to burst at the seams the last 3 minutes of the game or so?

That was an incredible way to end the NBA Finals. A team that completely let down their guard at the end and looked like a bunch of kids winning the State Title. A crowd that didn't sit down for, seemingly, the last two quarters. Genuine celebration. KG being crazy-ass KG.

Just awesome. Congrats, NBA. You just had the biggest feel-good ending to a season since....well, I don't even know.

And yes, I know that Boston fans are insufferable, and the last thing that town needed was another championship. However, that crowd had to have been one of the best professional championship crowds in the past 10-15 years--especially when you compare them to the ridiculous "crowd" in LA.

So, what did you think of the game last night?

(Note: When I say "has there ever been a more fun blowout than last night," I am talking about blowouts in games that feature teams that you don't care about. Obviously, Nebraska blowing out Florida or Tennessee in their National Championship games is more fun personally.)

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You gotta love it when Big Baby Davis gets in there and starts to throw his weight around. Good stuff. And this just in...Kobe Bryant can blow me.
If there's anything I hate worse than a Boston sports fan it's a child rapist. So, yeah, that was pretty fun. I didn't watch it. But I heard about it. And I smiled.
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