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Monday, June 02, 2008

Steve Phillips=crazy

As a Twins fan I tuned in a little late to tonight's Twins-Yanks broadcast on The World Wide Leader, and before I could realize Steve Phillips was involved in the broadcast and hit 'mute' I watched Derek Jeter hit a single, giving him 2,411 hits for his career. This is noteworthy because he is closing in on Mantle, who has 2,415.

Anyway, Steve Phillips said that Jeter has a "legitimate shot" at 4,000 hits. 4,000!

A quick look at the facts as I see them: Derek Jeter will be 34 years old on June 26.

If he averages 200 hits per season from today, he will reach 4,000 sometime in late May, 2016.

He will be 41 years, 11 months old.

He is hitting .271 as of this second on the season, and is on pace to get 165 hits this year.

Although it may be too early to tell, it does appear that he is on the decline ever since his .343/.417/.483 2006 campaign.

At any rate, we can say with close to certainty that his numbers will get worse before they get better, especially on the other side of 35, not to mention 40.

What are the odds he even gets 3,500? 10 percent, if we're being generous?

As I sit here with the TV muted, I'm no longer surprised, just saddened.

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I've been watching the game since it started and somehow didn't realize that the mute was an option. God, Steve Phillips is so terrible its not even defensible that ESPN keeps paying him. He's gone on and on about how there are two aspects to a throwing motion for the entire game. Every time the pitcher throws a ball or an infielder throws a little off target, he starts trying to explain why due to their throwing motion. Who the fuck gives a shit? I can't believe that somebody hasn't duct-taped that D-bag's mouth shut and beat him with a sockful of nickels during a broadcast.
He's talked about 4,000 hits every time Jeter is up to bat. Fucking unbelievable. Jeter just got thrown out at second trying to turn a single into a double while at the same time Phillips was talking about how smart Jeter was going for two. I'm starting to question my own humanity as to why my ears aren't bleeding right now.
And I love how his rationale is because he has reached 2,400 hits at the same pace as Robin Yount.

Robin Yount had 3,142 career hits.
That's hilarious about Robin Yount.

He really is impossible to listen to. How mad would you be if you were a Met fan, knowing that he ran your organization for those years? I mean, it makes me mad just knowing he's on TV. I cannot imagine how pissed I would be if he was the Cubs' GM at any point.
Aside from Phillips, what a game!

The Twins come back three different times and pull it out in the bottom of the 8th.

Great to see some life out of Cuddy and Delmon Young, although Young is fucking horrendous in left.
I think you guys really missed the point here.

The Yankees were, are, and always will be the best team in all of baseball and therefore any player, regardless of skill or age, that plays for them automatically gets placed on a higher pedistal.

You guys need to open your eyes, which are obviously blinded by your dislike of Philips, and realize the greatness that you can witness at least every other five minutes on the sports leader.
He might not be too handy with a stat sheet, but the ladies find him handsome.
One other note from last night's broadcast:

They were talking about Livian Hernandez and his pitching. Phillips kept talking about how much "guts" it takes to throw high-80's "heat" over the plate and to trust your fielders to back you up.

Um...what the fuck is he supposed to do? Throw it 3 feet out of the strike zone every pitch? Is he really not supposed to be throwing strikes, but does so anyway because he has tremendous "guts" and really "believes in his defense?"

I think the only thing that involves "guts" with Livian Hernandez is:

1. He continues to show up to the clubhouse, and

2. He continues to cash in the $96,153 WEEKLY paycheck he gets from the Minnesota Twins Ball Club, LLC.

But yeah...that guy is "gutsy" because he tries to throw strikes. Like every pitcher that plays for every baseball team in the world.
I guess sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!
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