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Sunday, June 15, 2008


I know most of this blog was preoccupied with the start of CWS play yesterday, but the show Tiger put on yesterday at the US Open might be the single greatest performance on a golf course I have ever seen. Granted he started out the day with a double-bogey, but the two eagle putts and the chip-in birdie were just beyond belief. A good golfer makes one of those puts during a major in their lifetime. Tiger made two in the same round and then chipped one in on a hop just for good measure. It would be easy to say that he just got lucky, but the odds of doing all three during the same 18 holes is probably about the same as getting hit by lightning while sitting in your basement. I can't wait for this afternoon when Tiger gets to square off against Lee Westwood who is the embodiment of everything I hate about British golfers. He has terrible teeth, talks with that stuck-up British accent, and constantly is one of the more gloating members of the Euro Ryder Cup team. I hope he shoots 80 and then contracts Cholera playing next to Tiger today.

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