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Sunday, July 06, 2008

The dangers of getting firewood

This is what I managed to do while collecting firewood this fourth.

There are just so many questions that could be asked, yet I am left completely speechless.
Alright, as a family member I do feel sorry for you. Then again I really do not understand the logic of gathering firewood by climbing a tree. Good for you doing straight to the source, but from my limited knowledge of camping and fire, I was always lead to believe that wood from a live tree is still moist and burns poorly with a lot of smoke.

I am also looking forward to the Jimmy B wedding where you will be wheeled down the isle.
The bottom of the tree was a V that I stepped up onto to put me at a height to be able to pull down some dead branches. When hopping back down (it was about 3 feet high) I landed in a hole when I was expecting a flat surface.
OK, that explains A LOT.

Sweet Jesus, I thought you were up there monkeying around 15 feet from the ground.

That said: how on earth did you wait until the next day to get help?
The way it was swollen really made it look like it was just a bad sprain. I thought I was just being a pussy and figured it would feel better in the morning.
WTF Kyle! Maybe you won't be in the wedding now. No wheel chairs accepted...and only human crutches allowed. Good luck friend! :)

Really thankful to you for providing the information.
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