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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Dark Knight: Prologue?

I've read stuff on the internet about there being a prologue coming out in anticipation of The Dark Knight, and I think this might be it. Pretty badass. This movie is going to be incredible.

Happy 4th of July.

*WOW. Apparently I was the last person to watch that, because when I tried making sure the link was right on this post, it says the clip has been taken down at the request of Warner Bros. Crazy.

Well, you missed out, because it was sweet. Nothing like starting a movie with an awesome bank robbing scene.

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I didn't see the clip you posted but it sounds like that was it and you would be 100% correct in saying that it's totally bad ass. As will this entire movie. I can't say for certain but it looks like the viral marketing campaign will end with the release of the prologue on the internets, which should be in about 10-14 days. This phone has been blowin' up over the past few eeks, it's crazy.
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