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Thursday, July 10, 2008

In other broadcasting news

Dan Patrick has been added to NBC's Sunday Night Football team. Who is he replacing? Nobody. He is being added.

Watching this show is seizure-inducing enough as it is with the 22 people already in place, and the brain trust at NBC decides to add someone else. Someone who, to my knowledge, has never even participated in an NFL broadcast. I like Patrick okay as a studio host, but I already have Bob Costas. Oh, and Keith Olbermann. Why don't we just throw Joe Buck, Kenny Mayne, Bob Barker, Brent Musberger and Howard Cosell in there as well? If you're an NBC executive, the answer is: Howard Cosell is dead.

Here is my solution:
Costas=gone (my favorite announcer possibly ever, but simply doesn't care too much about football)
Tiki Barber=gone (a world-class vindictive douche)
Collinsworth=lead analyst (the c0-best in the biz with Tom Jackson)
Patrick=host (in all reality I think Costas or him would be fine, if Bob wants it he gets it)
Jerome Bettis=Michael Irvin (more ludicrous if this is what people want)
Olbermann=gone (and as everyone who reads this knows, I'm a huge fan)
Peter King=gone (and replaced with Sal Pal)
Anyone else that obviously aren't significant enough for me to remember=gone (I'm sure there are at least three in this category)

I thought Jason Whitlock summed this all up pretty well here.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to avoid Football Night in America until the actual football game, where at least I can be soothed by Al Michaels and John Madden. (Sarcasm)

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I think it should just be Costas, DP, and Olbermann. That would probably be the most over-the-top "I'm better and smarter than everyone watching this broadcast" line-up in the history of professional football.
...or the history of television.

But the smugness of those three would be eternally entertaining.
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