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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's The "See You Saturday" Party!

When: Tonight, 8:00 PM (-ish)
Where: Stunningly, we really did try to plan this thing somewhere else, but the date got moved. So, not stunningly: Barrett's.
Why: Sgt. Hales is taking a whirlwind trip down to Oklahoma City Thursday, where he will find out he drove all that way for nothing, then come back to Omaha Friday or Saturday. (We're calling it the "See You Saturday" party because if we were Hales, we'd probably take our time getting back from OKC. That's a fairly long drive.)

This is nothing formal whatsoever, just a get-together to see our man Hales off. Please make it down if possible.

(Well, nothing formal other than the burning effigy we'll have of The Honorable Dr. Timothy Egan, IV, Esq.)

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Is this going to be followed by a re-screening of The Dark Knight in IMAX at the Star Cinema in Council Bluffs at 11:00 pm? Especially if you just happen to have your ticket stub from a previous screening that was unceremoniously canceled 3/4 of the way into the movie.
Greg I am pick Norman and David Fucking Duval making a run in the British makes me want to vomit.

OC waiting to leave Omaha
That should have read Greg 'I am a Prick' Norman
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