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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Night Links: We're Not Close With Refs, So We're Clean *UPDATED

Well, it is another installment of Sunday Night Links. We're consistently inconsistent here at Sunday Night Links. So we've got that going for us.

Onto the links...

--Bonus Monday morning link, and it's a good one: a great history of the brand known as Grain Belt Premium. Interesting how many twists and turns America's Party Beer has taken through the years. Sounds like we're lucky to have even been able to enjoy one, let alone the thousands that have been consumed by Heavy Soulers.
(SECOND UPDATE: Pete apparently already linked to this post a while back. But, you could use a refresher.)

--Bonus Bonus Monday morning link: it's the Home Run Derby Drinking Game! I'm into it. However, I think you would absolutely need to take tomorrow off if you're going to participate. The way those HRD broadcasts go, along with all the waxing poetic about Yankee Stadium...well, these guys may have nailed it a little too well. This would be painful.

--KETV is doing a Omaha "A-List," letting viewers vote on the best places in town. There are some things that are pretty screwed up (such as The Drover being in the "Best Burger" category, but not in the "Best Steakhouse" category), and some serious omissions. I mean, The Homy Inn isn't an option for best neighborhood bar? But it was one of the 50 best bars in America according to Esquire? Seems to be, well, off.

--Interesting story about how some coaches and referees in the NBA get to be pretty chummy. Weird that Dick Bavetta is one of the people named. Poor guy gets named in all this stuff.

--This is incredibly awesome, and something I never really put two and two together on: you'll be able to listen to Pandora on the new iPhones. A question for Deuce: can you do this on the iPod Touch?

--Here is Rolling Stone's 3.5 out of 4 star review of The Dark Knight. God, I cannot wait to see this movie. In IMAX. On Tuesday!! Big ups to the Hales brothers for finding this site where they were giving away free tickets to a pre-release IMAX screening.

--A great article in the Omaha World-Herald about new linebackers coach Mike Ekeler. With all the stuff I read about this guy, I wouldn't be upset with Nebraska offering this guy a 20-year contract blind. He seems like the kind of assistant that will absolutely destroy in recruiting today's generation. Great stuff.

--No link, but Travis Justice and Rob Zate...ah, tell hell with it! No one's reading this anyway; I can't remember how to spell his name. Anyway, on Sports Sound Off, they both unveiled their ballots of pre-season Big XII voting, and they both picked NEBRASKA to win the Big XII North. Rob had Mizzou coming in third! I want so badly to agree with them, but I just don't know if I see this happening. I do sincerely think that they can compete for it, and have a 9-win or 10-win season. But Mizzou is going to be awfully tough this year.

--A story in Time about the rise of libertarianism. It's a decent article, although it almost makes it sound like you have to be a cattle rancher or run a sports book in order to be one. I guess they decided to leave out the whole "actually believe in the Constitution and how our Founding Fathers envisioned our country" part.

--So the Brewers gave up this guy for Sabathia, knowing they probably won't even sign C.C. next year? That's funny. I mean, sad and vomit-inducing if you're a Brewers fan. But I'm certainly not one of those, so it's pretty damned funny. A nice piece by Sports Illustrated, who does the best writing about baseball players on the planet, I believe.

--For the 20 or so people in the world that miss the NBA...Hardwood Paroxysm is one great blog. Even if you don't really care about the NBA, you'd be doing yourself well to read some of this stuff.

--Bonus good sports blog, and more time-relevant: Walkoff Walk is a great baseball blog (and a fantastic name, as well).

That's about all I've got in me tonight, friends and readers. I won't link it again, but also be sure to read the interview Pete posted featuring Craig Finn of The Hold Steady talking Twins baseball. Great stuff.

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Nice Time article... Too bad they make most of us sound like slightly more crazy versions of Brother Ron Paul
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