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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Depth Chart Update

The Athletic Department released an updated depth chart today.

Some interesting changes.

--The emergence of Mike Smith at LT has allowed Coach Cotton to put Lydon Murtha back at RT. Smith was recruited as a DE and is widely considered the most athletic of all the lineman. Jaivorio Burkes was also switched to LT. I think he is probably the long-term answer at RT and has experience there, so I'm not sure of the significance of his move to LT. I know he has experience there from high school. Marcel Jones also seemed to emerge at the RT position while Burkes was out with high blood pressure issues. It definitely seems as though one of these tackles (Smith, Burkes, Jones) may be left out of the mix.
--Elsewhere on the line, no mention of Ricky Henry. I think that is great news for Mike Huff, Keith Williams, and D.J. Jones...for now. I'm sure it has to do with learning blocking schemes in three weeks. Matt Slauson, when asked if Henry had the "controlled" aggression reminiscent of the Pipelines of the Championship Era said, "I wouldn't call it controlled." Maybe Ricky "Wild Thing" Henry just needs a couple of more weeks to digest the playbook and gain some focus.
--Our starting I-Back is now the three-headed dog Cerberus. Lucky, Helu Jr., and Castille all have an "OR" by their names. Does that mean Mendoza can consider himself a second-stringer or a fourth-stringer?
--Dreu Young rises to No. 2 TE behind Mike McNeill. It could be a repeat performance from last year's season opener. Haymaker Pride. Also from the Cozad Alumni Newsletter: Jared Crick is listed as the No. 2 DT.
--Anthony West wins his starting CB position back. I was very encouraged by Prince Amukamura taking over the position, as I think he has the most athletic ability of our young corners. But this proves to me that West has a little fight in him. Or that Amukamura maybe thought he had it in the bag. Either way, they'll both see a ton of time.
--Freshmen emerge at LB. As suspected, Will Compton (MIKE) and Sean Fisher (BUCK) have filled the top reserve positions as true freshmen. Exciting and a bit scary. Getting them heavy game reps can only help shore up the green linebacker situation.

Interesting stuff.

I think the most interesting is the I-Back "or-or-or" listing.

Does anyone else think this is counter-productive? I kind of get having two, co-number one's. But three?

Props to Castille, but I just don't see how this is a good thing...
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