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Friday, August 15, 2008

Fantasy Football...for real this time.

Come one, come all. At least nine of you. This is a second call for a fantasy football league on CBSsportsline.

Currently it's Deucey, Mayfield, and myself. And if for no other reason than to see Deucey's team name (hint: The fantasy in fantasy football should not be taken that literally) you should sign up.

Here are some of the details:

--The draft is autopick, done for simplicity's sake.
--The draft takes place on Sunday, August 24th.
--The format will be the standard Sportsline league.

To entice some unfriendly competition, I am suggesting a $25 buy in. $150 for first, $100 for second, $50 for third. For the sake of gambling legitimacy, Pete has agreed to be league treasurer.

If this sounds like the balls to you, direct yourself to sportsline.com, and search private leagues by name (Heavy Soul). It will ask politely for a password. Again, type Heavy Soul.

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