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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hello, dream ticket!

This may be the biggest surprise I've had on a Saturday since the last time I went out on a Friday with Toffer for seven hours, and all that yielded was a pounding headache, an empty Amigos sack and four half used cups of ranch.

Needless to say, between the Republicans forcing the Twins on the road for 14 straight in the middle of the stretch run and Joe Biden coming into the fold with Barack (what this post was really about, sorry Amigos-lovers), Snarky Pete is pretty fired up today. Go Big Red, Norm MacDonald is hilarious, and watch out, downtown KCMO. There are reports of a dirty, dirty Irishman and his half-jew sidekick.

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Who's the half-Jew?
11:30 am on Sunday...one hour away from Omaha, and still half cocked from last night.

Dirty Dirty Irishman
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