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Monday, August 11, 2008

Nebraska Receiving Attention Today...

...probably not the best kind.

Two University of Nebraska wrestlers apparently thought it to be a good idea to do some gay porn modeling. This is a big story on Deadspin right now. I'm sure they will not be taunted at future wrestling meets.

The other interesting thing on Deadspin's post was the site that "broke" this story: a website called "The Scarlet Project," which, apparently, focuses on "News, Scandal, and Gossip at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln."

This site apparently just started last month, as there are two stories. One about the wrestlers, and one about the new VP of Recruitment at SigEp! Glad to see that he hasn't taken this "Learning Community" stuff to heart:

"The Lincoln Journal Star reports that Sigma Phi Epsilon recruitment chairman, *redacted*, was arrested shortly after 3:00am on Thursday, July 17th–running naked through a north Lincoln neighborhod! *redacted*, who was apparently celebrating his 21st birthday, allegedly was heard shouting loudly into his phone, then stripped his clothes and ran down the street in the upscale development near 17th and Humphrey streets in northwest Lincoln. *redacted* continued his bare-ass run when police arrived. A K-9 unit was called to the scene to track *redacted* who was later found hiding behind a home a few blocks away. He was apparently still without clothing."

Well played, young man. Probably should have kept running, but what do you do? Funny stuff. Glad to see that position has followed the great tradition of a serious, professional position.

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Here's to eagerly anticipating the fantastic links Google Ads will come up for us now that we've added gay porn to our repertoire. Awesome.
That AdSense revenue will be pouring in!
There are two ads for brett farve jerseys right now. Is google trying to insinuate that Brett Farve is gay??
^As a Bears fan, I can say without hesitation: "yes."
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