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Monday, August 11, 2008


This proposed change to the Endagered Species Act leaves me speachless.


It basically says that federal agencies don't have to go through a scientific review process for new projects (roads, dams, etc.) to determine impact on endagered species. My favorite part is:

"The Interior Department said such consultations are no longer necessary because federal agencies have developed expertise to review their own construction and development projects"

What?!! Is this a joke? Are they really trying to tell me that a multi-billion dollar dam project is going to objectively access its environmental impact if it doesn't have to??

Regardless of where I stand politically, this proposal seems unbelievable. As a nature photographer, conservation is dear to me and this decision seems to go against many of the successes of the Endagered Species Act.

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i always wonder how much more damage Bush can do in office, and he continues to surprise me!
After all he has done to the economy, our pride as a nation, our standing among fellow nations, our young men and women in uniform, and the future of our country - you should be surprised this is his last "gift"?
Ridiculous. 50 States, if the same project is about to be build in all of them, nobody will expect the same analysis in all of them. 40 might said NO because it will endangered the wild life, and the other 5 will say "we need the money" (as usual). The Government is abdicating to his obligation of supervise their land.
I really get sick of people talking down about President Bush. He is a great man, despite what the liberal media say...You people seem to think all he cares about is money and power when really he is one of the most caring, charitable leaders in world history. I know that 50 years from now my grandkids will be reading their school history texts about the Bush family legacy and I will be able to tell the little ones how proud I was to live in these historic times.
You must be out of your mind. If he's so caring and charitable tell me 5 things he has done that support your statement.
I cannot believe how this Bush administration consistently and constantly is making the absolute worst decisions about everything!!! They have destroyed our economy, the confidence and respect of the world in the U.S., our environment, have done absolutely nothing to help reduce global warming, thus, destroying not only now but our kid’s futures… Every decision they make is quite astonishingly bad. No wonder Historians have portrayed Bush as the WORST president in U.S. history and his whole administration!!!
Charles, you are kidding, right? Bush a caring and charitable leader? Where do you get your information? The country is a mess...and it has happened very quickly. Until two years ago, the Republicans totally dominated congress. So to what do you attribute all the problems we have and our damaged reputation in the world? The tooth fairy?
If this goes through I will never vote for a Republican ever again. I enjoy nature just the way it is, and that's not saying much. I think we've already done enough damage to natural beauty. This is just ridiculous!
Here goes the Bush administration again!! Making bad decisions that ultimately, our country suffers.. I thought it was bad enough that Cheney purposely required the EPA to exclude excerpts from a document stating the detrimental effects of global warming on humans just so that his administration can more easily avoid global emissions regulations. Who suffers, we do!

So, this effort to weaken the Endangered species Act goes right up there with another bad decision for all of us.. Who suffers? Endangered animals and ultimately us!! This administration is useless. We voted for them to represent our best interests. Apparently they have forgotten royally!!
This arguemant should not be about whether bush is a good president or a bad president or whether he is charitable or compassionate.

It wouldn't matter if this decision was made by the best president in history, on face value this decision looks like a bad one.

Now I hope that I am wrong here. It does have the backing of the Fish and Wildlife Service director. Time will tell.

Side note: This blog hasn't seen this much action for weeks. Nothing like a political debate to get the anonymous posts flying!
Charles you are out of your mind. One thing you probably will be explaining to your grandchildren is why they are stuck paying off the massive debt that your dear leader has managed to leave for future generations. I get really sick of people defending the indefensible. Wake up.
The next logical step: letting felons decide what their sentences should. Judge: "Hey Mr. Double Homicide, what do YOU think your punishment should be? 100 hours of community service? You got it friend!"
Mr. DH: "Thanks Mr. Bush!" *Thumbs up*
Wow, this post was linked on CNN...nice work, Napa!
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