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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bo Pelini Gets His Own TV Show, Hilarity Ensues

A new segment for Heavy Soul to look forward to: The Nebraska Football Show Recap.

You won't get one this week--sorry, but we're busy catching up from the long weekend--but this probably needs to happen. We watched this week's episode, and it was pretty awesome. Coach Pelini looks like having to go over film from the weekend's games is possibly the worst thing that he could be a part of.

That's not to say it's not good, nor does that say he does a bad job. Quite the contrary. It's entertaining for several reasons:

-Refreshing honesty. There are SEVERAL instances where someone on the defense misses an assignment, and Coach Pelini quickly acknowledges the mistake, followed by a "that said, I take a lot of blame on that. I need to communicate better with these guys, and it's something that we'll work on this week." (Not a direct quote, but it is along those lines.) Pretty great stuff, and a stark difference of Coach "Throw the players under the bus" Callahan.

-Grumpiness. If you watch it, take special note of Coach Pelini before each commercial break. He is literally doing everything he can not to get up and walk off the set. In fairness, "grumpiness" probably is the wrong word. In fact, we're quite sure he's probably just not used to it. It's just funny to watch him start to stand up the second the film is done from each of the four quarters, then physically restrain himself from doing so. Also funny: him looking off set, waiting for ANYBODY to give him the OK to get the hell out of there.

-Grumpiness (for real). Apparently the Coachspeak goes out the window when he disagrees with a call. In fact, he flat-out will say when the official made a bad call, or "not how I would call it." Awesome. (Also file under "Refreshing honesty.")

-Plain polos. Remember last year when Coach "I'm officially done being the coach here, even if there's still a few weeks of the season" Callahan wore the plain clothes to press conferences, and people freaked out about it? The media would actually ask him questions about it? Well, apparently Pelini found the only thing outside Shawn Watson and Ted Gillmore to keep from the Callahan era: wearing whatever the hell clothes he wants. The only difference: no one has the balls to call him on it.

Anyway, it is yet another great change from the past 4 years. We'll recap these in far more thorough fashion starting next week.

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