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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can I Get an Encore?

No. GOD NO. How about the opposite?

Big Z's line following his no hit performance:

1.2 IP 8 ER 6H 3BB

YIKES!!! Too bad he couldn't face a team affected by a hurricane every outing.

Yikes! Maybe he came back on a flight from Venezuela the night before because he was at his grandma's funeral!

If you're going to use excuses about outside circumstances, then Z is allowed to, too. Nice try though.
But isn't Big Z a Pro? Doesn't he get paid millions?

You crack me up. I posted this to make a point. OF COURSE he had other things on his mind and so did the Astro's. A week ago you acted like outside factors didn't affect ball players. Now that a similar situation has happened to a Cubbie it seems you understand.
If that really was your intent, that's fine. But I highly f'ing doubt it. And my comment was making a point, jackass--that anyone can make excuses.

Try to keep up there, Mayfield.
The only thing I am having a hard time keeping up with is your stance on this issue. Last week you said these guys are pro's and need to leave their problems at home. Now you say outside forces can affect games. I'm confused. Which way is it?
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