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Friday, September 19, 2008

Fuck the Euro Trash

So Ryder Cup play started this morning at 7:05 Central Time and the US did the unimaginable by taking an early lead of 3-1 after Foursomes. I can't even remember the last time the US took an early lead. Usually, they fall apart on Friday and Saturday and have to play perfect golf in the singles in order to have a shot. The US hasn't won this thing since 99 when they had the remarkable come-from-behind win at Brookline.

Right now in Fourball, the US is up in one match, tied in another, and down in the other two. I blame this partly on Azinger's dumb-ass desire to play everybody today, particularly that he paired Stricker and Curtis (both rookies). However, the Kim-Mickelson pairing might be the most enjoyable team to watch in the history of US Ryder Cup play (this team took the "Original Mavericks" title away from McCain and Palin).

This weekend's play should be awesome as the teams are pretty equal and the US shouldn't be in as big a hole as we are used to seeing. The crowd in Kentucky is boisterous and keeps cheering every time the Trash make a mistake. I love it. Hopefully, the US prevails, brings the cup back to states, and Sergio cries on air. That would be my perfect Sunday.

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You guys talk about golf here? Awesome! Course looks amazing. Team shirts are nasty. Europeans suck balls.
Boo & John Holmes were my favorite team to watch. Boo is the man!
I saw this game but I never understand this game.
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