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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Lord, We Need Something!

Sorry about the lack of posts. The Heavy Soul Interview #2 is being conducted today, but in the meantime, here's a couple of random links. Not because I thought they were super important or anything, mainly just to post something.

--ESPN.com's Fantasy Basketball Draft Kit. I know, Fantasy Football drafts are barely over. Too bad. Man up and get to studying.

--This is an iTunes link to a segment where Norm MacDonald (filling in for Dennis Miller) is interviewing Super Dave Osborne. This is an absolute must-listen.

--This is funny.

Alright, there's possibly the most half-assed post in the history of the blog, which is saying something. Look for more content later.

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Where is "The Heavy Soul Interview Part II" and "The Tunnel Walk: Vol. II, Issue III New Mexico State"? Is this blog dead????????
Didn't the Huskers play today? I thought there was supposed to be some big weekly pre-game post on this blog?
Yeah, screw you guys and your free blog.
That's it! Where's my pitchfork and torch!?
Tell you what: you people start clicking on ads at the top, and you start seeing more consistent posting.

(We do suck for not getting a preview this week...sorry.)
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