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Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Heavy Soul Interview Part II...

...is on it's way. We're looking forward to our next interview, as should you, dear reader.

Look forward to it (hopefully) this week.

In the meantime, who would you like to see us interview? Guesses as to who this week's interview will be?

Leave 'em in the comments...


How about Elizabeth Merrill, the espn.com writer and UNL alum. Boy, would I like to hear about her experiences.
Is it your mom? Ba-zing?
Craig Bohl.
+1 for sambuca.
And thanks for the tip on Merrill...I had no idea she was a NU alum.
Mike Babcock. No one knows more about the Devaney era then him.

- The Oily-Bohunk
Big Daddy Drew?
Bob Barr?
Maybe Big Daddy Drew and Bob Barr--I figure with BBD's language and topics, we can test just how much of a libertarian Bob Barr really is these days...
Sooooo, it's not your mom then?
Hey, how did that Bears/Colts game go Sunday night?
Hey, how'd that Colts/Bears game go 2 years ago?
Sarah Palin
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