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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The OWH: Where The Mainstream Media and Blogs Collide!

First it was the Tom Shatel interview. Now, in a total role reversal, the Omaha World-Herald is interviewing...Pete.

The World-Herald "Living" section did a story today about "tailgating etiquette," and called on none other than our boy Pete to break down the hustle for bathrooms and Port-A-Potties while tailgating (free advice: don't act like you're going to tip a Port-A-Pottie when someone is in there. It could turn out to be anybody...like Darin Erstad.)

If ever there was an important rule . . .

Be civil about sharing the bathrooms (or porta-potties or pickle buckets with curtains around them).

"That's very important," said Jeff Peterson of Omaha, a season-ticket holder and frequent tailgater. "You have to be able to share and make your trip quick. It's one way of keeping things friendly."

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Pete.

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Jeez Pete, I guess no one cares about you being in the paper...
I do, i was just to pissed that they picked him instead of me. Everyone on this site knows that Pete can't hold my jock strap when it comes to tailgating....i'm very bitter.
No one can, ezt. No one can.
I'm with EZ-T, I'm pissed that the OWH didn't mention how good my wings were at our tailgate last week...Get with it!
It's a good thing I'm used to jealousy, or else this would make me uncomfortable. Eat your heart out, boys. That kind of eloquence can't come from just anyone.
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