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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top 50 Charles Barkley Quotes

Saw this linked on Deadspin today, and it is unbelievably funny.

However, the site that Deadspin linked to straight copied and pasted from a blog that is actually called "Top 50 Charles Barkley Quotes." It is just one post from February with his 50 best quotes. Bullshit move, Black Sports Online. The guy who does this website literally copied and pasted whoever took the time to put that together and posted it on his website. Didn't even try to move the answers around or anything--straight stole it.

Wow, and in the time it took me to post this, Deadspin changed the link to the proper blog. Well done.

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he neglected to include my favorite Barkley quote, from the TNT studio after a recent playoff game "I must have anal glaucoma cause I don't foresee my ass coming to work tomorrow." Stands up, walks off camera.
Holy crap, that line is awesome.
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