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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Tunnel Walk: Vol. II, Issue VI, Texas Tech

The Tunnel Walk has a sinking feeling following the past two setbacks. Texas Tech, the hyenas of the Big XII, can smell the blood and are ready to eat. Hyenas, like most scavengers, aren't the most despicable of animals. They just go about their business and when they see an injured animal, they do what any respectable scavenger does and tears that sucker apart. They have a family to feed, a program to build. While Tejas and Oklahoma fight it out for the drivers' seat in the Big XII South, Tech has a juicy opportunity to claim shotgun. Much like the national debt clock, the scoreboard may need to add more slots.

The Recruit Files:

Already Committed: Thaddeus Randle, DT. 6-1, 265. Galena Park (TX) North Shore. Rivals: 73rd DT/3*. Scout: 52nd DT/3*. Another undersized DT prospect? You betcha. Bo Pelini may just have a plan developing here. Along with Cole Pensick, Randle appears to represent a paradigm shift in the DT. It's true that shorter, more agile athletes on the defensive line have a lower pad level against the taller, pass-blocking offensive lineman in the pass happy Big XII (Glenn Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis are only 6-1). In his most recent game against 5* DT JaMarkus McFarland, Randle had 2.5 sacks and 8 tackles. Obviously, the two did not face each other, but most observers contend that Randle had the better game at the DT position. Positive news. Due to Hurricane Ike, Thaddeus and his teammates have only played a couple of games this season. Like many Gulf Coast high school football teams, Randle's team is likely to play two games per week. That could help with repetitions and conditioning, but also poses a threat of injury. Randle may be one of those players that has "game size and speed" opposed to great numbers on paper. Or maybe the sky really is falling and we're just trying to sign any DT who will commit.

Wishlister: Latu Heimuli, DT. 6-4, 305. Salt Lake City (UT) Highland. Rivals: 29th DT/4*. Scout: 11th DT/4*. Now that's more like it. In the mold of fellow SLC Highland alum (and one-time Husker commit--The Tunnel Walk never forgets) Haloti Ngata. A big, strong defensive tackle poised to make the job of some defensive coordinator much easier. A member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, Heimuli may take part in his two-year mission during his college years. Nebraska coaches have told him to do what he needs to do. Heimuli was on the sidelines as an official visitor last weekend and despite the bloodbath, appears to be leaning towards NU. It may help that his AAU basketball teammate Rayes Gallegos is a Nebrasketball commit.

This week in Dorothy Lynch.

Dorothy Lynch is a homestyle dressing made in Columbus, Nebraska. Meatloaf is a dish that for some is the epitome of homestyle cooking. And nobody makes it better than The Tunnel Walk's mom. But even Mama Tunnel Walk can use the help that orange yummy provides. Some glaze their loaves of meat with ketchup. Others barbeque sauce. Why not slather a little DL on top (The Tunnel Walk recommends adding prior to cooking. This will keep your loaf moist and allows the flavor to infiltrate your meat.) to add a little twist. If this recipe doesn't find you at your bravest, fear not. Go ahead and add a little Dorothy Lynch on the side of the dish and allow your dinner guests to dip at their own risk. Here's another tip from Mama Tunnel Walk: mix one cup of oatmeal into your meatloaf and be sure to slow cook the loaf at 325 degrees.

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