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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Predictions

I'm surprised no one has posted about this...maybe because our Democratic contributors don't want to jinx anything?

Well, here it goes: my shot at some elections, national and Nebraskan-al:

-President: Bob Barr (whoops, I meant Barack Obama)
-Nebraska 2nd District Representative: Lee Terry
-Nebraska 1st District Representative: Jeff Fortenberry
-Nebraska 3rd District Representative: Adrian Smith
-U.S. Senate: Mike Johanns
-Nebraska Initiative 424: "Against." Nebraskans typically don't like it when outside groups try forcing constitutional amendments down our throats; I pray this continues to be the case with Initiative 424.

U.S. Senate: Democrats miss out on elusive "60," probably settling in the 54-57 range. Fairly strong possibility of hitting 59, but I think you've got that clown-shoe Al Franken to thank for not hitting 60*.

U.S. House of Representatives: No clue.

So there you have it; a quick prediction list. I see Nebraska basically staying the same, although my "out on a limb" prediction says that Obama may indeed carry the 2nd District.

Enjoy the returns, friends. I'll be with Pete and Delusional at the "bellwether" of Omaha politics, McFly's--swing by and join us watch the country come under one-party rule!**

*If I'm wrong, then I give up. Seriously, Al Franken has about as much business running for the honorable position of United States Senator as...I don't know, he just has no flipping business holding that position. Sorry.

**Friendly reminder: the most prosperous times in our country's history have occurred under two-party rule, where the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch were controlled by opposite parties. So, the opposite would be true of one-party rule. So yeah, something to look forward to.

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Agreed on Al Franken...Although, he is good enough, smart enough, and dog gone it, people like him.
Yeah, he's certainly hilarious--just has no business being a United States Senator.

As for my other projections...very disappointed with the vote in the affirmative for Prop 424. I'll do an extended commentary on this if I get a chance, but that sucks.
Great series. A bit out of my league, but I’m learning stuff each step of the way. Can’t wait to get to it.
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