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Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey GA Hill

How do your libertarian values feel about regulating credit default swaps and the derivitive market?

Nothing to add here, except to note that November 14, 2008, marks npgage's annual appearance on the blog.

I've got a 50/50 chance of having a future nephew named Gage...GET EXCITED!!!
What a douche bag.


"To be sure: there isn't anything wrong with new products and services emerging in a free market system. What Austrian economists would point out, however, is that credit derivative markets have emerged on the back of a government-controlled credit and money supply system. And as the latter is assumed to be crisis prone, credit derivative markets might be seen as a multiplier of the crisis potential inherent in today's monetary system."

Thorsten Polleit, Honorary Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
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