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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hodgepodge Time!

Hey, remember me? I used to post a lot but now my life is in shambles with structure. Anyway, I have a few quick hits for a Thursday and the promise of a full-scale NFL post tomorrow.

-Congratulations to The Official Current United States President of Heavy Soul, Barack Obama. GA and I enjoyed the festivities at McFly's with about 7 people we had never met before and almost walked out on our tabs because, in typical Democrat fashion, we were falsely told that they were paid for. Ominous? I report, you decide.

-I'm predicting the Huskers to lose on Saturday. I just have an awful feeling about it. It seems like every time we really need to win a game that would really fire up the fanbase or give a sign the program is on the upswing, we lose. Plus, it seems like most fans and honestly most media I have heard are already chalking this one up. I can't get behind it, although I hope it happens. If you didn't know already, Vegas has this one as a pick 'em. With much disdain, KU 42-NU 30.

-Hello, Brady Quinn era! My conservative Catholic QB pulls the Browns up by the boot straps while managing to stump for Palin in 2012 and make homophobic slurs while leading The Big Brown and Orange Machine (-3) to a decisive (by Browns standards) victory over the Broncos tonight, 35-28. And yeah, hit that over as well EZT, Mayfield, and The Deuce.

-One sentence commands to Nebraska politicians that are as negative as possible:
Mike Johanns-Try not to quit this job.
Lee Terry-Maybe years 11 and 12 will mean you can actually accomplish something.
Scott Kleeb-Get your smart Ivy League brain out of our state, (homophobic slur).
Jim Esch-Get a haircut and get a real job.

-The sentence about Kleeb reminds me that I see evidence of the "brain drain" effect in Nebraska all the time. It's true that talented people in Nebraska are leaving en masse, like The Deuce, who will never be back. Fortunately, the people at Bucky's Gas Stations are not victims of the "brain drain" because in addition to soft serve ice milkcones coming in at 50 cents, they also now have Coke Zero on tap.

Really, their fountain soda is a murderer's row of obscure badassery: Squirt, Diet Rite, Barq's, Sunkist, Peach Tea, and Powerade. Let this be a call to all other gas stations: Step Your Game Up.

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For our HeavySoul readers in the Chicago Metro area, Bucky's is coming to your town. I have it on good word that Mr. Bucky is buying up half of the BP Stores in the Chicago Land area...so look forward to that Cubs/Sox fans!
Two things.

Thing 1: Don't sleep on Kum and Go. Clean, professional, and polite. Not to mention local. However, no Gobstoppers.

Thing 2: Hy-Vee has a venture called the Hy-Vee Drugstore. Like a deluxe Walgreens, complete with fresh fruit and fresh meat. The nicest folks in the biz. A friendly smile in every aisle? You bet your sweet asses.
I'm throwing my (worthelss) support behind the QT fountain. Plus, corn dogs from heaven.

(Sorry, Petey but your Brownies have to wait a week. My Broncos stink, but not that bad.)
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