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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Kanye

So Kanye's new album came out and I purchased it this morning. Not a big fan. It's filled with the digitalized voice bullshit that has ruined popular music over the last few years. Hey Kanye, Cher beat you to the punch with this CD 10 years ago fuckhead. Get back to what you do best and rap motherfucker.

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Marriage has made you soft. What happend to the bitter Deuce we have grown to love.
This is impossible, since I was informed by several on your bachelor party that he is incapable of sucking under any circumstances.
Deuce - How's the new GnR album? Someone's gotta be curious enough to throw down the 10 bucks for it.
No, Pete, you douche bag--I was arguing that he is great if you define "great" by the actual definition that you define "great" artists. The guy is not afraid to try completely different shit.

And in regards to Deucey--I am just running through my first listen as we speak. There are a couple of standout songs, the rest...not sure about yet.

I can say without hesitation that this is an interesting album, and a ballsy move.

(There absolutely is too much digitalized voice, though.)
I listened to clips from the first 4 songs on Chinese Democracy and it sounds like GnR without Slash and Izzy, which isn't good. Axl still sounds about the same though. If you were a huge GnR fan back in the day, I would consider picking it up.
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