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Monday, November 24, 2008

Trust Fund and Hippie Hate Week

That's right boys and girls, 2 hates for the price of 1. 2 despised fan bases in Lincoln in back to back days. 2 straight days of CU/NU action, bring it on.

Friday the liberal bastard buffs from Boulder come in to town followed up by the Qwest Center preppy's on saturday.

Get out your flame retardent jump suits, it's time to fire away. I'm looking at you Sambuca...

I'm going to take the high road this year and let Doc's crew handle business on the court. But I'll warn you sweater vests, if you come into the Bob with your noses in the air like usual, you're bound to get smacked.
Creighton unfortunately has a squad this year. I hate to say it but they are going to kick our ass.

That doesn't mean that I'm surrending Barrett's from turning into a shitshow all winter though, not by a damn sight.
Pete, we'll see...I'm not so sure that you can chalk this up to a Creighton win. They are better than i thought they would be and Stinett will be the best player on the floor. But can they handle our quickness and on-ball pressure. Should be an up and down the floor, fun game to watch. It will also be interesting to see how Dana matches up with our 5 guard lineup.
I hope you are right. God that would be awesome, beating them is always fun.

Maybe you can explain this to me--why do they always get better recruits than us, including all of the in-state guys? It looks to me like, based on talent alone, that they have at least 7 or 8 guys (Stinnett, Woodfox, Witter, Lawson, Walker, Young, Carter) that we would love to have on our squad. What the hell?
It's going to take time to get the Omaha prep b-ball players on board with NU again. Not being in the NCAA's since 1998 hurts, but the lack of anything exciting during Collier's era was just devastating. When guys like Jarrell Crayton have never been to a Husker game, or never even watched them play during an entire season, you know we have a problem. Props to Altmon for sealing the borders around Omaha. These guys should look at the stats though, come play in a big boy conference if you want to get recognized, the number of Big 12 NBA players vs. Mo - Val is something like 40 - 5.
That's what I'm saying, mind-boggling that they wouldn't consider the conference/NBA factor more. Although Creighton having two guys in the NBA like us right now that is helping I'm sure.
Doc would love to have Omaha/Nebraska guys in the program, but it's not as huge for NU as it is for Creighton. Doc can go to the coasts or internationally and sell Nebraska being in the Big 12, Dana will not have the same success going to Brazil, Germany, or Australia and sell Creighton and the Mo-Valley. He's building a program the right way, our Freshmen class is solid this year and will lead this program to the next level.
You stupid Huskers don't know what you're talking about. Altman is a God, and Creighton is totally better than Nebraska.

Just kidding, of course! Home dogs!

Sambuca makes a very, very good point about being able to go to the coasts or even internationally with the Cornhusker name. That simply doesn't happen with Creighton. Everyone knows who Creighton is in, oh, 10 cities in the world. Well, that, and maybe the Catholics.

Everyone has heard of Nebraska. Just like any other big state school.

Great point.
Oh, also:

I was at the Creighton game Saturday.

*ducks from things being thrown at head*

They have a very good team, particularly at the MVC-type level.

However, they are very, very susceptible to streaky shooting and slow starts. The first half of the Oral Roberts/Creighton game was some of the ugliest basketball I have seen in a long time.

Creighton has Stinnet, who is sweet, but streaky. If he isn't going, they have capable guys that are able to get hot--but it is certainly no guarantee that happens.

The Cornhuskers have a great shot at beating them, absolutely.
Pete to answer your questions about instate recruiting, let's also realize that last year was probably the best year for Nebraska hs basketball talent in the last 10-20 years. Altman had antoine young locked up early and Doc never even had a chance with him. I think Doc wanted Josh Jones and made a good run at him and almost snagged him, but again he had a longer relationship with Dana. Eikmeier and Carr...i'm not sure Doc was sold on either of them (although they are both getting a ton of minutes at CSU and Iowa St so maybe he should have). My point in all of this is i don't think we can yet judge Doc on his instate recruiting.

Jarell Crayton is the best player in the state this year, and why i think he will be a nice college player i'm not sure Doc has much interest in a 6'5 power forward with very limited range, Crayton would be a much better MVC player.

As for the game on Saturday, i will be interested to see if NU's offense has progressed at all tonight when they play a very good defensive team (Rick Majerus' St. Louis Bilikens). Nebraska has been so streaky offensively, scoring in bunches at one time and than going 8+ minutes without scoring at another time. If we can find any consistency offensively this team has a chance to get to 20 wins because they play incredibly good defense, even without a big man in the middle.
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This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesus TJ, I think your point was heard the second time you posted that comment. The third was overkill.
Hey GA - Did you get two complimentary tickets with the purchase of some overpriced graduate level tuition?
I got two from my in-laws, dick.

But I think I do get complimentary tickets for the tuition too, though.

Either way, I hate you.
Oh Bob & Kay, a little piece of my heart I had reserved for you two just died.
Arkansas Little-Rock????
Did Derek Fisher suit up?
GA is being quiet about this, he must be upset that his grad school got crowned by the little trojans.
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