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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whoa: LOL, Pt. II

K-State is hiring Bill Synder tomorrow. Five-year contract.

This is hilarious.

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It is funny, because he's 69. Could K-State have done any better? I doubt it. I'm not going to underestimate the guy, he got a lot done in his previous tenure.
Meh. He got a lot done in his previous tenure, but it took 5 years before it started showing.

Let us also not forget that his combined record in his last two seasons was 9-13--more importantly, his conference record was 4-12.
I tend to think that this will be a good short-term fix for a program that needs it, first and foremost. The guy can obviously coach, and with his contacts to the JUCOS in the state of Kansas combined with actual coaching they will be competitive in a hurry.

However, they are probably sacrificing short-term success for long-term stability, as they are just going to have to find the next Ron Prince (hopefully) in a few years.

Snyder will make this team a continuous 6 to 9 win team though, and probably sooner rather than later.
Make that "sacrificing long-term stability for short-term success."

(Turns brain on)
There's a thought that he might be able to bring in a strong Coordinator to groom as the coach to be, similar to what Mack Brown is doing. I doubt he could get a guy like Brett Venebles, but you never know.
This move makes all Husker, Tiger, Jayhawk and Buff fans smile.....seriously what the hell are the thinking. Pete, i'm with you, the guy can coach, but he proved in his last couple years that he isnt' the type of coach that can make chicken salad out of chicken shit....and that's exactly what the KSU roster is made up of right now, especially considering Freeman might go pro.

Not to mention that he isn't going to have any room to recruit this year anyway, they only have like 4 or 5 seniors on scholarship this year, he isn't going to hardly be able to bring in any new blood.

That is a god damn debacle in Manhattan, i saw it first hand a couple weeks ago and this only solidifies that it's going to stay that way for 5-10 more years.
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