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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Chris Webber...ugg.

Unfortunately, I am watching NBA GameTime Live on NBA TV. It is a complete and total attempt of a rip-off of the best television show ever, "Inside the NBA" on TNT.

Ahmad Rashaad is the host, with Chris Webber and Gary Payton providing the "analysis." So far, they have sung at least two songs (terribly), attempted to make some jokes (terribly), and tried to have inside-type jokes between the studio idiots and the production people (al la "Kenny's Pictures" and "Gone Fishin'", only way, way, way f-ing worse).

They have had several things about the Glove playing at Oregon State, and Webber jumps in saying that Payton should try to compare Oregon State to the Michigan Wolverines.

Now--granted--Michigan basketball's history is better than Oregon State's. Probably not even close. But ol' C-Webb said something along the lines of "if you want to talk about the hallowed history of Michigan basketball--you know, all the national championships, wins, ...."

Chris, buddy: Michigan has *one* National Championship. ONE. And their best overall run at things was stricken from the books. BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU DIPSHIT!

My God. The guy went to school there. I would venture to guess that 75% of the people who have attended Michigan know that Glenn Rice was the only person to bring home a NC for Michigan...let alone someone who freaking played there.

Long story short: don't ever, EVER watch "NBA GameTime Live." Ever.

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Don't forget about Rumeal Robinson.
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