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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Familiar Faces? A Look Back at The Hold Steady in Omaha

So last night I continued my futile search for a poster commemorating when The Hold Steady played at the Sokol Underground in Omaha, back on May 20, 2007.

Still have found nothing. Damn.

However, I did find an interesting "roll" of film on this site, taken by Chip Duden. Tell me if you notice anyone familiar on the far right:

Great "I'm totally into this song right now" rock concert face.

And then there's this one...while you cannot see his face, as anyone that was there would know, the MIB was threateningly pointing at the keyboard player all night. I'm pretty sure we've got a confirmed sighting in this photo:

Anyway, I thought those were kind of cool. More importantly, it reminded me of that day/night, easily one of the most fun days ever. Ahh, memories.

In the meantime...1% Productions, get these guys back in Omaha!!!!!

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Tucker Death Mix + The M.I.B. = Todd's a Fucking Idiot for bringing the Tucker Death Mix. Remember how much fun that day was? And how awful we all felt for the next two? I think I felt worse after that night than I did after my bachelor party.
I did not show up for my internship the next day. Thus, ending my internship at a big Omaha law firm.

Thank you gatorade + red bull + vodka + sunshine & horse balls! :)

BTW, those pictures are priceless.

-Mrs. Deuce
While you're at it, go ahead and see if you can find a commemorative poster of Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise's visit to Omaha circa 2001. Check the Econo Lodge and strip joints in Iowa. Also a great night.
Indeed, NP. That was probably one of the coolest nights ever.

"Kid Rock can't play shit." - Robert Bradley

You owe me some beers for this. No ditching me for Wrigley this time either.


Whoa! Nice find!!!

That is awesome...thanks! Beers it is!
Great musical night, I guess it would be wonderful moments.
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