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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Answer

This is from a SportsNation chat today on ESPN.com that featured Coach Billy Clyde Gillespie. Gotta love Kentucky fans...

kenny newport KY: hey coach... Can i get a preferred walk on LOL i can't jump or shoot BUT i will hustle like no other PROMISE YOU THANK

Billy Gillispie: No.

I just find that hilarious that he offered no joke, no silly answer, just a solid "no." That's hilarious. And along with not being able to jump or shoot, "kenny newport KY" also can't bother himself with proper grammar or punctuation--I cannot tell if this guy is on some hillbilly Yoda shit or what.

That's all. Back to your work day.

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In unrelated College Basketball news, the mighty Huskers have another Scholarship available with the recent announcement that Alex Chapman will transfer. That's our tallest guy on the team, which meant absolutely nothing, because he has yet to play a single minute. So, thanks Alex, your scholly will be appreciated.
Is that Rex Chapman's nephew?
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