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Monday, December 08, 2008

Perfect Sandwich seeking mate full of barley...

Today, beer fans, I created for the first time (at least in my kitchen) a sandwich that brought a tear to my eye and a food boner to my bathing suit area. Before I unveil it's loveliness, I beseech you B&B readers to match this carnivorous snack with a suitable beer. I present to you the Sneaky Pete:
On two slices of potato bread (which unbeknownst to this author beforehand is 99% fat free), dress the left slice with your favorite mayonaisse and the right slice with a nice spicy brown mustard (I like French's).
On the mustard slice, cover with hard salami (Target's Archer Farms brand makes a nice salami, but you can also get resourceful and use the stuff you'll get in your stocking on the 25th.)On top of the mayo slice, make an obnoxious pile of thinly sliced roast beef. Thin is key here, fellas. It makes you more manly to stack more slices.
On top of the salami, apply a blanket of sharp cheddar. Any sharp cheddar will suffice and most pre-sliced packages are thick enough to provide a suitable cheese kick through the meat hug.
On top of the roast beef, apply two slices from a medium tomato. Give a good salting to the slices, you'll thank me. Carefully place the two piles of awesomeness together and get ready. Accompany with a handful of the world's finest snack pickles, Gedney's Mini-Munchers.

I made this sandwich at lunch today and literally was impelled to masturbate immediately afterwards. I paired the sandwich with a bottle of Boulevard Pale Ale. It tasted great when poured into a pint glass because it was my last bottle of beer and it was at lunch. Don't tell my boss. Now here's your homework, beerniks: Based on the aforementioned ingredients, what is the best beer for The Sneaky Pete?

I would say a Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale would fit that puppy pretty nicely.
Deuce, that's a great beer, and had MIB chosen a pumpernickel rye to make the sneaky pete, I'd completely agree.

Grolsch is a nice beer, I'm thinking something along those lines. My first thought would be Peroni, to compliment your fine Archer Farms Salami. Budweiser's new American Lager would be a good choice as well. Your Pale Ale worked out pretty good as well.
Boetje's stone ground mustard would go bitchingly on that sandwich. Jess recommends it with bacon. She says it will really make you want to masturbate.
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