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Monday, December 29, 2008

Pete's Best of 2008-Music Edition

If you thought that I was putting together a list of my favorite sports-related moments, let's just say that none of them involved the Cleveland Browns. Actually I will talk about my favorite sports moments in another post, but for now let's tackle the music of 2008.

My favorite Albums of 2008,in no particular order, unless noted:

Hayes Carll-"Trouble in Mind". Roadhouse country from a youngster with a propensity for whiskey and Tom Waits covers. Lost Highway does it again, and does it well. Catch him on Austin City Limits soon, and hopefully for a long time. This is the best album of the year to listen to on the road, or drink alone to.

Jake One-"White Van Music". The best Seattle rap since "My Posse's on Broadway" by Sir Mix-a-lot. Jake produces some topshelf rappers and make hip-hop that is catchy and creative without being overly commercial. Take some notes, Common. Your new album SUCKS.

TV on the Radio-"Dear Science". Solid follow-up for the boys. They make quirky rock that is daring but also listenable. Maybe not the most catchy album in the world, but has absorptive qualities that would make The Bounty paper towel guys jealous.

The Hold Steady-"Stay Positive". While it is not the stone-cold classic that Boys and Girls in America is, it only further cements their legacy as the best bar band in America and the official band of Heavy Soul. Some of their best work is on here, even if it's not as consistently excellent as Boys and Girls.

Fleet Foxes-"Fleet Foxes". I was a bit of a slow convert, but this album puts me in a great mood. It's kind of hippy-ish in places and can run together, but the harmonies and experimentation are spot on and undeniable. A pop masterpiece. Pitchfork rated it as their album of the year, and I can't blame them for it.

Mudcrutch-"Mudcrutch". Tom Petty's reunion with his first band is all good. It's no reinvention of the wheel, but it has all the hooks you crave from Petty with a bit of a country tinge. A must have for Petty fans, which means basically everyone.

She and Him-"Volume One". M Ward and Zooey Deschanel combine to take over the sultry world with some really good jams. Some good originals, plus Smokey Robinson and Beatles covers. Approved.

Titus Andronicus-"The Airing of Grievances". Another Pitchfork-approved album that totally rules. These guys are badass New Jersey guys that get after it, shredding guitars and vocal cords and owning fuckers all day and night. The MIB and I are onboard for their impending world domination. Kind of like the evolutionary Rancid only with some E Street Band rhythm.

The Walkmen-"You and Me". I've been a fan every since The OC told me it was cool, with lots of payoffs. A Hundred Miles Off was great, and this one is at least as good if not better. I can't wait to see what you guys do next. Ol Pete is in.

The Gaslight Anthem-"The 59 Sound". If you like The Hold Steady, buy this record immediately. I did, and am forever grateful to the AV club.

Songs of the year for mixtape purposes:
"White Winter Hymnal"-Fleet Foxes
"Constructive Summer"-The Hold Steady
"The 59 Sound"-The Gaslight Anthem
"In Color"-Jamey Johnson
"It's a Shame"-Hayes Carll
"Gunpowder and Lead"-Miranda Lambert
"What Up Man"-The Cool Kids
"Oxford Comma"-Vampire Weekend (still don't get the backlash)
"The Man I Shot"-Drive By Truckers
"Paris, Tokyo"-Lupe Fiasco
"Scare Easy"-Mudcrutch
"I Don't Want to Grow Up"-Hayes Carll
"You Really Got A Hold on Me" She and Him
"Carpetbagger"-Jenny Lewis and Elvis Costello
"The Truth"-Jake One
"Titus Andronicus"-Titus Andronicus

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