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Friday, December 05, 2008

Yes! Follow-up to The Hold Steady

Thanks to my man Ruckus, the Hold Steady poster from the Sokol show has been found!

Even better news: the artist, Christopher Halbkat--who appears to be incredibly talented--has agreed to print some up for us! Here's the specs:

Glad you like the poster! Yeah, The Hold Steady was a heavy show & I'd be
happy to print some more posters for you and the crew.

About Each Print: $25.00 / Signed & Numbered

Printed digital offset with archival-pigmented ink on acid-free Etching
paper, which has the subtle texture of an etching paper and a soft white tone.

Print Size is 12"x 18" including the 0.25" border for framing.

It is much more cost effective to print more than one at a time so If your
interested in more than one I can sell you four prints @ $75.

Let me know and I will email you a Paypal Invoice, Thanks much!

So there you go: if 4 people will purchase one, they are only $18.75. Pete and I are already down for orders, and I was going to purchase another one for when Sgt. Hales returns.

If there are any takers, leave it in the comments or get a hold of me. I want to order these ASAP, so please decide soon.

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Put the ol' harbinger of doom, MIB down for one.
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