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Sunday, January 18, 2009

That's Enough Of Ray Lewis

I can't be the only person that is beyond tired with close-ups of Ray Lewis praying and being emotional, can I? I truly don't understand how these announcers still--still!--gush and go on about how much Ray Lewis cares, and how hard he's praying, whatever.

The guy was part of a fight where two guys DIED. By stab wounds. In other words, they were MURDERED.

Prosecutors had testimony lined up indicting Lewis, but it all changed at the trial, mob-style. And then Lewis paid off the families of the two people who died.

Yet just 9 years later, we're told that he's a "spiritual leader." We see him leading team prayers. We see him praying on the field when his teammate is down. Not to mention we see him on every flipping NFL promo ever.

And the NBA is supposedly full of thugs...at least the NBA doesn't trot out someone who may have MURDERED two people out for all their promo material.

Anyway, good day of football. The Arizona flipping Cardinals against the Petesburg Steelers.

Who you got? I think that Arizona's offense is legit, but the Steelers' defense is so unbelievably tough. I've got the Steelers by 6.

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I am taking the Cardinals for no other reason than Larry Fitzgerald is my favorite player in all of football right now.
That's no doubt. How can you not love the passion for winning that guy has? I was totally impressed with him yesterday.
I'm thinking if we get Ray Lewis five minutes in a room with Tim Tebow, he'll be a changed man. Or he'll stab Tim Tebow to death.

Either way we win.
Wow, that is wildly inappropriate.

And wildly hilarious. Well played.
Seconded on the notion that the NFL should officially be the "thug" league instead of the NBA. The NBA has done a great job of cleaning up its act by jettisoning problem players out of the league (like my main man Lonny Baxter) while managing to keep its crazies like Ron Artest under wraps.

The NFL seems to have new, crazy incidents happen monthly. When Pac Man brokers a hit on a couple of gangsters outside of a strip club, it's barely considered news.

The media rarely points any of this out and I'm going to play the race card here. The NFL has an image as "America's Game" (read: white), while I can't think of a single white male over 40 who cares about the NBA. This either creates or at the very least contributes to the perceptions of each respective league.
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