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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Weekly Grind: Last Week's Podcast, This Week's Guests

Thanks for everyone for tuning in to our inaugural episode of The Weekly Grind! We had great response, despite the ridiculous beginning to the show, and despite all the–um, you know, like, ah-ing of your loveable hosts. We promise to try to get better.

This week, we’re going guest-crazy: former Nebraska Cornhusker and current Tampa Bay Bucs star BARRETT RUUD will be joining us to get everyone ready for the Super Bowl, plus talk about the business side of the NFL that most people do not get to hear about.

We will also be joined by folks from Hot Shops Art Center, the art gallery and development area in NoDo (by Slowdown/Film Streams).

All in all, it is looking like a fantastic show. Be ready to call in with questions. You can hit us up in the studio at (402) 342-1180, or e-mail us at theweeklygrind (at) gmail.com. Hopefully Barrett will be able to stick around to answer some of your phone calls / e-mails.

In the meantime, if you missed last week’s show, you can download the podcast of it here. Last week we had guests Neil deMause--author of the book Field of Schemes--to talk about the dual stadium building here in Omaha, and former Husker (and regular weekly guest) Jon Bowling.
If you're not in Omaha this Saturday, or if for some reason you cannot get it on your old dial radio, you can stream the show live here.

Thanks again for all the calls and support!!

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Don't forget, former Southeast Knight as well.
I can't post, but everyone should read this. What makes it really funny is that it reads like an actual article you would find in the Telegraph.

Who does pat have to blow to get access
That was Nathan, but I agree that all of the Hales brothers should have access. Mein Fuhrer, see that it is done.

Also, looking forward to the show on Saturday morning.
Nice article, thanks for taking the time to share.
I guess, this game is violent.
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