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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Weekly Grind, Saturdays on 1180 KOIL!

Well kids, we have a major announcement to make.

Before making said announcement, let me just say this: of all the random blog posts in the history of Heavy Soul, this has to be the most random. That said, we're pretty excited about it.

Starting this Saturday--January 17th--Pete, B from Exit 177, and myself will be hosting a talk radio show on Omaha's 1180 KOIL--sister station to 1620 The Zone and 1290 KKAR. 1180 KOIL recently switched formats to talk radio, and includes a daily lineup including Dennis Miller, Bill Bennett, Neal Boortz, and others. They will also be carrying broadcasts of the Omaha Royals and Creighton Baseball.

It is called "The Weekly Grind presented by Beer & Loathing in Dundee," and will be a show about Omaha news, politics, and sports--from the "young professionals" perspective.

I'm not kidding.

In fact, B and I were at the station recording promos for the show this afternoon. They will be airing all week on 1180 KOIL and 1290 KKAR.

It is pretty crazy how this all came about, and that story is probably for another post and another time. Let's just say it involved an impromptu Scotch tasting, a random meeting of a local radio host, and crazy kids with crazier ideas.

All that said, we're pretty excited about the format and the possibilities. This week, we will be discussing various topics in the news, focusing on the new College World Series stadium and the apparent other new stadium in Sarpy County. Our guest will be Neil deMause, author of the book Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit. The book--totally coincidentally--was published by the University of Nebraska Press. Mr. deMause has written for the Village Voice, New York Newsday, Baseball Prospectus, and The Guardian. Here is his blog. Here is some praise for the book:

“A thoughtful and comprehensive examination of the curious issue of love and money in sport.”—Frank Deford, Senior Contributing Writer at Sports Illustrated and author of The Entitled

“Field of Schemes is a superb work of investigative reporting and righteous indignation. The fan pays twice: once for the stadium and again for the ticket to get into the stadium. If enough fans read it, we could break this cycle.”—Allen Barra, sports columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of The Last Coach: A Life of Paul “Bear” Bryant

So there you have it. We've got a radio show. We impossibly booked a really good guest.

The show will be on every Saturday from 10am - 11am (Central), and for you out-of-towners, you can stream it live on the interwebs here.

Here you'll find our new The Weekly Grind blog.

Tune in, and hear a real, live trainwreck on the radio!

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It's on my calendar...good luck.
Holy crap! That's cool. Congrats!
What happened to the two hour time slot?
^Need to sell more advertising.

That said, we haven't even started to try to sell yet, so hopefully we'll be able to add on.
Think Sham-wow.
If we could get the Sham-wow or, lord-willing, the Snuggie to buy some advertising I would be the happiest guy alive.

That said, the strength of both products is dazzling visuals, so I'm not sure radio is their most effective medium.
The price of gold has been great for radio advertising...work on that, it's a "Golden" opportunity.
Monster trucks???
How?? what the @#$*?? Where did this come from?? Who the hell thought of this??

So many thoughts/questions....but in general that is awesome. Good luck boys, let me know if you need a guest to discuss the boys state basketball tourney.
^It's a fairly long story, but I believe it can be summed up in a phrase: follow your dreams, EZT. Follow your dreams.
Heard a promo on the way home tonight. . .damn near drove into a light pole
I'm speechless. But in a good way. Congrats! You all deserve this; and you'll be great. I've got a killer list of 'stupid shit said by B on road trips' if you ever need it.
Congrats guys. Maybe you can book Pete Schweddy and get some ad revenue from his Schweddy Balls.
Congrats, gentlemen! I will definitely catch the live stream. VERY exciting. Have you attempted getting the "Orange Yummy" as a sponsor???
-Mrs. Deuce
Well done, well done, well done. Pretty impressive and I must agree with Pete. Sham-wow will keep them coming back.
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