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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Weekly Grind: Week 2

Hey there. Hope you had a great Monday.

The Weekly Grind saw another Saturday come and go--did you get to tune in? No? Well, good news for you, buddy! We've got the podcast of the show RIGHT HERE!

Are you a fan of football? Yeah? OK, what about Nebraska Cornhusker football? Yep? Great, well how about this: what if I told you that you could hear former All-American and current NFL tackling leader Barrett Ruud on a podcast? Would you take a listen? Well then, click RIGHT HERE!

How about being a fan of the arts? If I told you that you could listen to an interview with some people helping develop the "creative class" here in Omaha...would that be something you would be interested in? Great! Then click RIGHT HERE!

For all of you that got to listen, we appreciate it. And for those of you who tried to listen via the stream--and apparently that didn't work too well--download it up and enjoy.

As for this week: we've got all kinds of interesting topics to discuss. The lineup is not set as of this moment, but we'll have updates soon.

Thanks for your continued patronage.

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