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Monday, February 23, 2009

Patrick Witt Transferring

In a surprising move, it was announced that Patrick Witt--last season's #2 QB on the depth chart for the Huskers--is going to transfer.

Reading through the message boards, there are a lot of interesting theories out there. My favorite one involves Witt teaching new recruit QB Cody Green the wrong signals during their "voluntary" 7-on-7 drills.

Unfortunately for people that like to make crap up on a message board, this--nor any other theory--is true. And when you read Witt's father's quotes on that OWH story, it would lead you to believe something shady happened.

Here's the truth: Witt was not going to be as good in this new system as the people behind him on the depth chart. It really was an issue of him seeing the proverbial "writing on the wall" and realizing he was probably going to get jumped on the depth chart.

Nothing scandalous. Nothing shady. Just old-fashioned competition.

So don't go repeating silly rumors. You just need to stop by the ol' Heavy Soul to find out the real story.

P.S. Speaking of former Huskers, the podcast for last week's episode of The Weekly Grind is up. We had the funniest Johnny's Business yet, as well as a live call in from one Sgt. Hales in Afghanistan. It was great to speak with him for about 15 minutes. You can download it here.

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That happens quite often when a kid is recruited and the offense changes from what he was recruited to run. The same thing happened with Tom Osborne in the late 70's when a kid by the name of Turner Gill beat out a very good pocket passing QB. It's all about the system. Although, in Osborne's case the other QB did stick it out and eventually went on to play in the NFL.

Maybe there is a bit more to this story than we will ever know?
As far as Nebraska is concerned, that really is the story. His family is saying that he wasn't going to get a fair shot because Zac Lee was getting reps in 7-on-7.

Last time I checked, coaches aren't at 7-on-7.

From everything that we have heard, it sounded like Witt saw that he wasn't going to waltz into the number 1 spot this season, and that scared him off. And going off of what we've heard, we don't think the coaches were too terribly upset with him leaving if he wasn't ready to fight for the QB spot.
Good insight GAHill. I tend to agree with this. Did you see the article from 2006 - Witt's senior season in high school? similar situation arose and Witt's parents did the same thing.

I like the fact that if a QB wants to play for Nebraska they are going to have to earn the spot. That's the way it should be - that's the way it is in the real world :)
Damn straight. And while I haven't seen that article, I have heard about it. So yeah, I suppose this situation shouldn't be terribly surprising.

What I find disappointing is that I think Pelini did more than enough last season to show they're going to play guys who earn it. For Witt's family to be saying otherwise seems to be, at best, disingenuous.

(Hope that's spelled right.)

The weird thing is that my wife and I actually sat next to Witt at the airport over Christmas. Some recent Husker player (I know he was a player because he had a bowl tag on his bag, but I honestly had never heard of him) came over to him and they were chatting. The former Husker said something along the lines of "so it's your show next year, huh?" And Witt replied "it's looking that way. We'll see."

I thought he was trying to be mildly modest. Apparently, he really doubted himself.
Here is the story link:


about 1/3 of the way down it gets very familiar with this situation.

Competitive sports like college football not only prepare kids for the NFL but more importantly prepare kids for life. Patrick is in deep trouble if he continues to run away from competition. There is competition everywhere in the workplace.

That's cool you sat beside him!

I think Patrick knew the offensive change was going to take place and just didn't feel he would fit. I really don't know how hard he tried, but if he left high school (yea I don't believe the whole moving for financial reasons) because he was told he wouldn't be the starter - well, IMO he should fight for that, not run away from it.
The only thing I felt left out was a "multiple sites" comparison, besides that I'm loving every word!
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