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Monday, March 23, 2009


After a scare with the weather, Mrs. Hill and I found our way to our seats at Qwest Center Omaha to watch exactly what I predicted happen, although in even more cruel fashion than I thought: P'Allen loses Meeks with 10 seconds to go, and Jodie goes for a layup...PLUS 1!

Kentucky wins, despite--and I'll give it to them--one of the loudest crowds I have heard in a while, Creighton's best effort, and Kentucky playing like crap on offense. 65-63.

A couple of quick highlights:

--To the bald idiot sitting in front of me was a trip (think George Costanza at about age 57). I cheer after a Jodie Meeks three. Creighton scores the next possession, and he turns around and gets in my face and is yelling and clapping. I ask him if he's going to do that all night, and he responds "are you???"

Yes, dumbshit, I am going to cheer for my team. And probably will do so during the entire game, because I am at a live basketball game where one is to cheer for their respective team.

Then after the final buzzer went off, I clapped and yelled "great finish, Cats!" And he turns around and says "show a little class!" My God, it was hilarious.

I've watched this fool at several CU games before, so I dedicate Kentucky's win to you.

--I literally saw three people crying. Summed up best, a text response to this from my friend Grant: "I've heard that the tears of a trust fund elitist bring good luck. Try to capture some."

--This obviously didn't happen at the game, but I got about 7 texts right after the game, all saying something along the lines of "Suck it, Creighton!" Gotta love the passion, fellas.

All in all, a great time. It was hotter than hell in there, and we stood the ENTIRE second half. Again, I hate to give any credit, but it's due--the crowd was totally into it. Granted, they booed any time Kentucky tried to play defense (Creighton fan: if a Creighton player puts up a weak shot against a guy 7 inches taller than him, and that shot is blocked emphatically, that does not mean it was a foul), but they sure gave it the ol' college try.

But again, it didn't matter. Kentucky flat out-athleted them, as predicted. Kentucky's defense carried the Cats past a terrible offensive performance.

To wrap up, I will let zwierzycki from The Bluejay Cafe sum up with his awesome prediction:

The Bluejay Shock and Awe special comes out tonight. UK comes to "tiny" omaha and isn't ready for 17,000 screaming fans.

Jays 74 UK 63

Hey, zwierzycki: the "Shock and Awe" worked well for you guys...you only lost by 2. Oh, and Kentucky plays in an arena that has 24,000 in it, every single home game. Not impressed.

You gave it your best, and lost.

Suck it, Creighton.

P.S.: I am fully aware how pathetic it is that UK is in the NIT, and that I am this excited about a win in said tournament. Just let me enjoy the fact that it was in Omaha and against Creighton.

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Alrighty folks, since I cannot actually post on this here blog this will have to do I suppose.

Sgt. Scott M. Hales will be back to taunt your livers tomorrow. Not sure what time he will be getting into Omaha, but as of right now he will be here tomorrow and then he will be heading to NP on Wednesday more than likely.
After that I'm not sure what the plans are but I'm sure he will be in contact.

Now...here's the more important bit of info.

He has a temporary cell phone while he is back. The number is 402-201-7231. Write that shiz down because I can only provide him with a few of your numbers.

Also, he'll be in town until about the 10th (I'm not sure on what day he is leaving for certain)
Congrats Kentucky fan, last nights victory has to be one for the books.
The NIT record books?
It takes some reading to find all the really interesting stuff, but it's pretty good.
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