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Monday, March 16, 2009

Lazy Ass Excuse for a Post

So I didn't do anything today and still couldn't come up with anything useful to post about, so I'll just keep the random thoughts going.

1) Thank God Creighton didn't make it to the tourney. I understand that they are probably more deserving than Arizona, but they definitely shouldn't have gotten in at the expense of St. Mary's. They got blasted in their last game of the year in a mediocre conference, enough said.

2) I watched the show Kings last night on NBC and was absolutely enthralled. Granted, I'm absolutely sure this show isn't for everyone. My lovely wife continued to tell me how stupid the show was for the entire two hours it ran. But what does she know? She thinks Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and Judge Joe Brown are quality TV shows. The plot boils down to an alternate reality where monarchies prevailed over democracy. Consider taking a look at it next week.

3) Despite my normal scorn for tomorrow's Catholic holiday, I am going to partake in the All-American sport: day drinking. I generally hate St. Pat's as its one of two days of the year (the other being New Years) when the rookie drinkers step up to the plate and feel as if they can hang with the veterans. They clog up bars and make it virtually impossible to enjoy a quiet drink without getting green dyed beer spilled all over you. However, I haven't had a good day-drinking session since my bachelor party, so I have decided to get Wonderboy out of the shed and swing at a couple of pitches. Hopefully my post tomorrow will come at the tail end of a power-hitting clinic.

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I don't know if anyone watches late night television, but last night Jimmy Fallon had Public Enemy performing with The Roots and it was awesome...AWESOME.

the forgotten hales
Speaking of awesome things and "The Natural" references, the last two episodes of Eastbound and Down have been transcendant and I think only OC and I are aware of it.
Also, thanks for picking the blog up The Deuce.

I'll throw a post up later today.
I recorded Fallon for just that purpose...going to check it out over lunch now.

Pete, I am offended you're forgetting about my love for Eastbound and Down.

Deuce, thanks for picking us up. I did watch the last 10 or 15 minutes of Kings, and it did seem very interesting. Is this a regular series, or some sort of mini-series?

As for Creighton, I am selfishly thrilled about this for a few reasons, the most of which is that it presents a possible Kentucky matchup in Omaha sometime in the next week. That said, they got SCREWED, as did St. Mary's.
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