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Monday, March 02, 2009

A Sure Sign of the Apocalypse

North Platte has a sushi restaurant.

And it's not on the Interstate, in fact, it is right next to Brothers. And it meant to end up in Kearney. But North Platte's proximity (used loosely) to the fish distributors in Denver meant pure luck for all of NPs residents.

Really, this is just a fantastic article for all 7 of you interested in the goings on of exit 177. There is a reference to Buffalo Bill stumbling over there from the Alamo Bar, a thinly veiled reference to a lounge and keno parlor next door, and all kinds of awesome none-too-subtle digs at old Flatrock.

It's good to know that cowboys and railroaders won't go there, though. That would really have the world off its axis.

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Would it be possible to EVER mention North Platte without having to bring up Buffalo Bill? This article was decent, and probably a fair assessment of what I consider a good restaurant. But really, what does Buffalo Bill have to do with this? Can we not just be impressed that a town smaller than Omaha has a rather good Japanese restaurant? Because that is slightly impressive. What is not so impressive is this author's lame generalizations and oversimplification in order to prove the point that North Platte doesn't deserve such a trendy, metropolitan eatery:

"On a cold, quiet Thursday night in late January, the Parkade Plaza's parking lot is dominated by 4 x 4s and pickup trucks with club cabs.

People dressed in boot-cut jeans and canvas coats head straight to a nearby tavern and keno parlor."

What does the parking lot of an Omaha sushi joint look like? Or would it even be necessary to devote two paragraphs of an article to describe it?

But really, Tempura is a quality spot. Good food in general, but surprisingly good sushi. And my Mazda Tribute is 4 wheel drive, so I guess I do fit in with the rest of the North Platte yokels for whom "a juicy slab of prime beef constitutes the epitome of fine dining."

Oh, and if you do make the trek to North Platte by wagon, rail, or Model T (shameless plug coming now)--stop next door at the Callidora Salon and Spa. Perhaps the Omaha World Herald would be equally surprised that you can also get trendy hair care outside of God's Gift to Average Metropolitan Areas. Buffalo Bill, being such a worldy adventurer would have probably even stopped in for a spray-tan.
I'll post this as it's own deal, but between NP getting a sushi joint and apparently having MTV bring a crew in for a reality show at ol' NPHS, the world really is coming to an end. F'ing weird.
Whatever happened to 'Peanut Days' at Wheelers defining NP's culinary prowess.
There's a good reason Colonel Bill didn't eat sushi. He was in the fucking center of one of the largest land masses on earth.
To clarify the 'reality show' bit:

MTVs Made has contacted NPHS to do interviews of students. If they find a student that would be worthy of an episode, they will bring in the cameras and everything else to film. So technically, there is a "possibility" that MTV will film an episode of Made at NPHS.
Kearney Sucks!
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