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Friday, August 14, 2009

Gee it has only been a month...

since the last time someone posted on here! I don't really have anything except the Rick Pitino scandal is awesome.

1. Paying for an abortion after a one night stand. Classy.

2. Louisville sticking by his side. Classier

3. Possibility that her now husband might have been paid off to marry her. Classiest

God bless America

Also Classy--sex on a table with a stranger after restaurant is closed.
Ol' Traitor Rick...

If you guys had just been listening to me for the last 6 years, you wouldn't be surprised...
Thanks for this info, this issue has been bugging me like crazy for the last couple of days.
Thanks for sharing information.I like your work.
The second we've stop to have a look at right here a little over a week ago, my brother was so insistent about making remark on Robert's idea actually being put on. I then again was adamant that we ought to keep our mouth closed for a while and simply never make a comment however when he made an effort to create one more comment which offers criticsms about precisely how other folks reacted on his assertion, I guess he was dead wrong in it.
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