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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Woodhead Waived By Jets; Picked Up By Mystery Team?

Long time, no posty. Hi friends.

So Danny Woohead had quite the past few days. Rushes for the most yards in an NFL preseason game since the 90's, plus adds a couple of touchdowns. Makes final Jets roster. Less than 24 hours later, is waived by the Jets.


Or is it?

According to Pro Football Talk:

The Jets became one of the last teams to announce their practice squad, and the list is notable for a name not on it: preseason cinderella running back Danny Woodhead, who made the team Saturday, only to get waived Sunday.

This is likely good news for Woodhead and bad news for Jets fans that took a shining to the kid, because Woodhead has probably been claimed on waivers elsewhere.

The question is, of course, who is this mystery team? My only hope is that it is a team that plays the Jets, only in that Bill Callahan can be reminded YET AGAIN that he screwed up passing on this kid at Nebraska.

(Er, that's not my only hope. My *main* only hope is that he is picked up by the Bears. After that, though, the above paragraph remains true.)

Good luck with your new team, Danny. And regardless how it turns out, you've always made us Platters proud.

(P.S.: The "quote box" function on Blogger sucks my butt.)

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