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Thursday, December 27, 2007

What Are Kyle and I Going To Argue About Now?

From the world of completely underwhelming news: Mark Prior is a San Diego Father.

This is weird news for the Cub fan; Prior went from being the most sure-thing prospect to being the man with the glass Achillies/elbow/shoulder.

The Prior Hype was at fever pitch after the 2003 season. After having a solid first half of the season, Prior collided with Marcus Giles and sat out a few games, scaring Cub fans half to dealth. But after sitting out a couple of starts, Prior finished the season going 10-1, and just missed the Cy Young Award. He finished with an 18-6 record, but more impressively, the Cubs were 21-9 in games that he started.

2004 was the year that--according to Sports Illustrated--"hell would freeze over," and the Cubs would bring home the World Series trophy to Chicago for the first time since 1908. Needless to say, hell is still plenty toasty. Since then, it has been bad attitudes and excuses for Prior, pretty much cementing his future taking place somewhere outside the Friendly Confines.

So, fare-thee-well, Mr. Prior. I'm guessing that if we were to have expectations for you like we would for other former Cubbies, I will look forward to seeing your Cy Young acceptance speech sometime next year, and enjoy your World Series ring, while you're at it. Bastard.

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