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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Caption This....

Saw this on Distant Replays--on sale for only $31!--and decided to leave it to the snarkiness of the contributors here to caption the picture.

I'll try mine:

"Hey Dusty, remember when you ruined my career? That was fun."

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Dusty: "Hey Mark, can you believe I got a job here? They must not know how aweful I was in San Fransisco."

Mark: "Yeah I know. Listen, I'll make you a deal...I won't tell'em how much you suck at managing if you won't tell'em how overrated I am."

Dusty: "Deal. Now get out there and throw as hard and as much as you like. You're mechanics are perfect, you'll never get hurt."
Thats really funny
Mark: "You think I'm better than Roy Oswalt, right Dusty?

Dusty: "You're way better. You were the #2 draft pick, he was drafted in the 23rd round. And Innings pitched, ERA, Wins, K's, win %, opponents OBP, Complete Games, being healthy, and Shut outs are way overated."

Mark: "Well, at least I still have you and GA Hill. And maybe someday everyone will look past the numbers and realize that hype is the only thing that matters."
Seeing how Prior will most likely soon be forgotten, I think it is a good time to rehash my favorite Mark Prior story.

I want to say about 2-3 years ago during a Cubs game Ryan, Jim, my Dad, and I were lucky enough to acquire a signed Mark Prior baseball. Since we all new he was a piece of shit we really didn't want the ball. We decided that since it was GA Hills birthday that we would present the ball to him. But before we did, we were going to X out Marks name and sign the ball ourselves. Ya know, so that it would be worth something. Anyway, the gentlemen in front of us over heard the conversation and asked if he could purchase the ball. Now I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure Ryan was the lead negotiator and ended up getting us a round of beer and a "loose" french girl's phone number in exchange for the ball. Good work Ryan. You really screwed that guy over.
Dusty: I dunno, Mark. That arm looks about as sturdy as porcelain.

Mark: Gee, Dusty, are you still using those vitamins Barry sent? Your head is huge!!!

Dusty: Yeah? So is yours.

Mark: Really? I just got done reading SI. It says I'm the next Greg Maddux!
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Dusty: Ya know, after 2003 I feel like I could be here forever.

Mark: Me too, Dusty...me too.
It was two rounds of beer, and a soon to be deported French girl's number. The soon to be deported was key due to what could only be described as an urgency to experience something American.
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